What is Thermally Toughened Safety Glass

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What is thermally toughened safety glass?

Thermally toughened safety glass is a heat-treated glass which we can produce in either flat or curved form. It has the following important characteristic:
- About 3 times higher resistance to mechanical shocks compared to non-toughened glass
- About 3 times increased thermal resistance characteristics compared to normal glass
- Safety glass, i. e. in case of breakage, it decays into small blunt fragments, then reducing the risk of injuy.

Process of Tempering

During the process of thermal toughening, a readily cut and treated glass sheet is heated up to approx. 650° C and then quickly cooled down by means of cold air. The inner part of the glass cools down more slowly than the external surface. The inner part still contracts when the surfaces of the glass have already solidified. A compressive stress develops at the surface of the glass, in the inner glass there is a tensile stress. Thermally toughened safety glass cannot be treated further after the toughening process.

We use the following glass types as our basis material:

- float glass 
- coloured glass
- cast glass
- coated glass

Fields of application

- luminaires and lamps
- household appliances
- furniture
- machines


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