Red Lenses for Automilbe Light

Moulded glasses are produced in both borosilicate glass and soda-lime glass. They perform the standards to chemical resistance and thermal resistance. Toughening for different forms and sizes are possible. This makes the glass more resistant against mechanical requirements. In addition, same special features are realizable, for example coloured moulded glasses.Moulded glasses are available for many applications. Yaoglass delivers the following technical moulded glasses for:

- Fresnel Lens

- Sight glass

- Signal lamp

- Reflector

- Dome

fresnel pressed glass lens protector dome color glass shade for airfield

Yao Glass' s Production Process:

  1. Metlting: The glass is  melted in an electric furnace and heated to 1300-1600 degree. We also have a crucible kiln to melten optical and color glass.
  2. Mechanical Forming: The glass is frist converted from a viscous liquid to a plastic state and then into the moulds.
  3. Annealing: The glass has undergone intense temperature change and shape change in the forming porcess, which leave thermal streee in the glass. Annealing is the period of slow cooling at a certain temperature to eliminate the thermal stress in glass.
  4. Packaging

Red Lenses for Automilbe Light
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